Artists reflect the times. Under the influence of economic globalization and the speed at which technology is developing, can the growth of humanity keep up?


I constantly deconstruct and reconstruct my production. Graph paper is a precise calculation form and acts as a class-oriented design. Every line suggesting a rung in the ladder of society’s structure. The rigorous character and the intense distance in the graph paper are so realistic, nerve-wracking and suffocating. In 2016, the “Yet,” series, I began to distort the grid that symbolizes societal framework abstractly. Drawing circles in each square striving to accomplish a certain degree of perfection in an Eastern way. In this body of work, I’m trying to manifest perseverance and persistence in a fragile phase. Creating a sense of vulnerability that shows strength of new opportunity. In 2017, after the impact of the US presidential elections, I continuously evolved a method one step closer to my heart, by subtracting the unnecessity to reveal the truth and structure that underpins life. Cutting out squares demands an intense amount of concentration and endurance. In the process of creating and eliminating, spirituality progressively strengthens in the reduction of materials.


With my transformation into US citizenship in 2018, the focus of my practice has also added searching for new identities. I stepped out of familiarity, trying to enter into new territory, standing between two worlds. Rice and bowls become pizza and plates, chopsticks switching to forks and knives. In the Defining collection, I’m experimenting with integrating Taiwan's cultural habits into my new life in the United States by overlapping and combining daily objects that symbolize the two cultures. I seek to convey the dilemma of awkwardness, pressures and struggles that are faced in the conversion process.


I want to continue to investigate the fragility of form, the solidity of humanity and surviving in a difficult era but persevering. Exploring the conflict and aesthetic between different materials and cultures. By progressing through distorting, eliminating and merging, I'm distilling injustice for an understanding that cannot be spoken for by a single culture. My hope is to make the people who gaze upon my work, ask questions and feel heartbroken, just like the moments when I witness the imbalance of human rights.

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