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2022   MFA, Sculpture, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL

2008   BFA, Plastic Arts Department, Stone Sculpture, DaYeh University, Taiwan



2016    Who?, Basic Space Gallery, Portland OR

2006   Everyone’s Talking about Themselves, Yuanlin, Taiwan



2021    Chicago Artitechture Benniel, Chicago IL

2021    Terrain Benniel, Chicago IL

2021    a residue you find on your fingertip, SITE Galleries, Chicago IL

2020    Hello World, TransCultural Exchange, Boston MA

2020    Turn on Red, Perennial Space, Chicago IL

2020    Self-portraits that actually aren’t portraits at all, but are still portraits of ourselves nonetheless, Perennial Space, Chicago IL  

2019    Amphibious, Comfort Station, Chicago IL

2018    Transform, Siren Nation, Portland's 5, Portland OR

2018    Emerging PDX, Erickson Gallery, Portland OR

2017    Monster Drawing Rally, Portland Art Museum, Portland OR

2017    The Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival(ASYAAF), Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul, South Korea

2017    5 Emerging Artists|Facing Forward, Giving Back, Waterstone Gallery, Portland OR

2017    Unnatural Election: Artists Respond to the 2016 US Presidential Election, Kimmel Gallery, New York NY 

2016    A Group Thing, Thomas Young Gallery, Boston MA  

2016    Thinking+Making, North View Gallery, Portland OR

2016    Last Thursday, Pony Club Gallery, Portland OR

2016    9th Annual Big 500 Art Show, Ford Gallery, Portland OR

2016    Group Show, Dark Star Gallery, Vancouver WA

2016    In the Details, Mel's Frame Shop, Portland OR

2016    Fair and Square, PDXchange Mississippi, Portland OR

2015    Laguna Art Prize, Nappe of the Arsenale in Venice, Italy

2015    Struggle + Strength Exhibition, Tacoma Art Museum, WA

2015    Portland Artists, Sticks & Stones Portland, OR 

2015    Struggle + Strength, 1120 Creative House, WA 

2015    Hillsboro Arts Month, Hillsboro Public Library (Shute Park), Oregon

2015    Last Thursday in Alberta, Portland OR. U.S.A 

2008   Stand Up Exhibition, Taiwan

2007   Taiwan Young Designers’ Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan

2007   8’s Infinite Cube the Effect of Expansion and Introspection, Green Parkway District, Taichung Taiwan

2007   8’s Infinite Cube, DaYeh University, Taiwan

2007   4/4 Exhibition, Yuanlin, Taiwan

2006   Stone Child Exhibition, Arts & Design Department of DaYeh University, Taiwan

2005   In the Beginning of Our Mind part 2, Yuanlin, Taiwan

2005 『,』Exhibition, DaYeh University, Taiwan



2007  Represented Art & Design Department of DaYeh University in Taiwan Young Designer's Exhibition, Taipei 



2015  Laguna International Art Prize, Nappe of the Arsenale in Venice, Italy

2015  Struggle + Strength Exhibition, Tacoma Art Museum, WA. U.S.A



2021  Sculpture Dialogues with Rashawn Griffin   

2017  Guest Artist Talk, Waterstone Gallery, Portland OR

2016  Artist Talk, Basic Space Gallery, Portland OR



2021   School of the Art Institute of Chicago MFA Sculpture Catalog

2017   10th Asian Young Artist Art Festival, Dongdaemun Design Plaza 

2017   February Issue of PADA, Portland OR

2015   Laguna International Art Prize, Venice, Italy

2008  Stand Up, Taiwan

2007  8’s Infinite Cube the Effect of Expansion and Introspection, Taiwan 

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