The Alien, 14"x14", 2016
Mr. Lonely Fox, 14"x14", 2015
Reified Imagination is Larger Than..
Spiky Echidna Dwelling in its Bubble
Circlism Portrait Series, 18"x22", 2016
Circlism Portrait Series
Circlism Portraits
Honesty, 9"x11", 2016
Portland OR
Roaring Leopard Encircled by its Echoes
Circlism Portrait Series, 2015
Circlism Portrait Series, 2015

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Circlism Portraits

“ How do you know me? ” YuHsin draws circles repeatedly, symbolizing actions we do everyday to achieve our life goals. In the end, a face represents somebody we might recognize. Echoing, what we’ve done makes who we are.