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Untitled (OUR side), 2023

Medium: Borrowed objects and stolen power 

Dimensions: 14’x35”x42

Physical borders constitute visible architectures of power. The Mandarin character "人" rén (people/citizen/human) is shaped like two strokes, with a circular arc structure at the bottom. I transform the A-shaped support structure on the left and right sides of a U.S. police barrier into a "people/citizen/human" shape for structural support. In Untitled (our side), I trace the source of power, illustrating that abusing the power entrusted by the people equates to stealing it from them. In Untitled (OUR side), I take a step closer to visualizing the image of power originating from the people. This image of power becomes more stable when people support the defining line of power. Notably, when the viewer switches body positions to the other side to see "入" rú, meaning to enter, the authoritative voice is pushed further into an expanded negotiation space. In the face of power's complexity, the people are the core primeval structure to support. Untitled (OUR side) embodies a cross-cultural perspective to take a stand.

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