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Jolt, 2021


Medium: wood, monofilament and motor

Dimensions: 8’ x8’ x 2”

Before stepping into the exhibition, a constant percussive sound is heard. When the audience enters the exhibition space, they will first see the grid structure 2” above the ground banging the wall back and forth nonstop.  Jolt is 6'x6' internally. 8’ x8’ x2” total. It weighs: 11.5 lbs and is suspended by 12 lbs tensile strength of monofilament. The color of the structure is similar to the ground.  Jolt divides the space into 3 sections: in front of the structure, inside the system and the space, you traverse. The traces left by the impact of the structure can also be seen on the wall.

“On June 4, 2021, on my way home on the Chicago L train Brown Line, a man with a hammer in his hand walked towards me while banging the hammer one by one on the seats…”


Jolt references social distance. The artist, an Asian woman living in the United States, uses crossed bars to reference how social issues are intertwined with identity status and geographic location. The voice of resistance is presented in a deep, but sonorous and powerful form.


Asian hate crime has increased 149 % since the pandemic(Stop AAPI Hate National Report, 2021). Racism blends into our system. The change begins with where it breaks. 

Prejudice exists in systematic discrimination. How do we choose our position? Be an outsider? Swing with the system? Or transverse it?


At the moment of collapse, there will be a change.

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