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YuHsin Wu is an interdisciplinary conceptual artist based in the U.S. who makes performative sculptures. She interrogates social issues through the form of grids. The structural language of the grid metaphorically shuttles the role of a viewfinder, geographic coordinate, and attempts to break through the flatness limitation of thought dimension from an individual perspective through her work. She addresses the issue of resistance, protest, mobility, and displacement through the gestures of grids. 

In her works, the folding of thought and form originated from the accumulation of time and where the force energy converges. When folds occur, they change the position in which a person originally stands. As the point of standing changes, the viewpoint reshapes. For example, the earth's crust changes geographically due changes in energy over time. Thus changing one's horizon. She migrates across the boundaries of drawing, sculpture, installation and performance with text, paper, acrylic, stone, bronze, and available material to arrive at an understanding that cannot be spoken for by a single culture. By creating a sense of vulnerability, she shows the strength of new opportunities.

YuHsin is a graduate student at the  School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2022). In 2015, she was shortlisted for the Art Laguna Prize, Nappe Arsenale in Venice, Italy. Her projects have been shown at the 2021 Terrain Biennial, Chicago Architecture Biennial; Tacoma Art Museum; Waterstone Gallery (Portland, OR); Dongdaemun Design Plaza (Seoul, South Korea); Taiwan Young Designers’ Exhibition (Taipei, Taiwan); among many others. 



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